1. Utopia (2017–present)
    Creative technology @ Utopia: A next-generation design tool for building production-ready React UIs
  2. Elements 3D (2015–present)
    Sketchpad for generative 3D creations
  3. Make Art Creations (2014–present)
    Kano's online canvas for drawing with code
  4. waveymaus (2014–present)
    The many faces and places of Alec Molloy :)
  5. Now Thats What I Call Y2K (April 2015)
    Projector installation and music visualiser
  6. Floater (2015)
    3D Music Visualiser
  7. Sleep Sound in CSS (May 2015)
    Jamie xx's Sleep Sound music video in pure CSS
  8. Perlin.js (July 2015)
    Perlin noise implementation in Canvas 2D
  9. The Sad Times (Mid 2015–recently)
    From 2015 to not that long ago I was sad and didn't do too many creative things outside of work