alec molloy

  1. Elements 3D
    Sketchpad for 3D creations (2014–present)
  2. Captioning Myself
    Artificial intelligence bot that captions my Instagram. (March 2016)
  3. Floater
    3D music visualiser (June 2015)
  4. Now Thats What I Call Y2K
    Projector installation and music visualiser (April 2015)
  1. I haven’t used Glass in a Month

    “… No, Google is good at knowing what technology wants.” ¶ I was sitting at a dinner table in the city a few weeks ago discussing Google, when my friend Edward made that statement. ¶ For the last few months I’d been fascinated with Google’s latest efforts in natural-language interfaces; enough that I was almost ready to jump ship to Android to try them out. Apple’s high design…