alec molloyportfolio

  1. Screenshot of Elements 3D
    Elements 3D
    Sketchpad for 3D creations (2014–present)
  2. A bathroom selfie of the creator with his iPhone
    Captioning Myself
    Artificial intelligence bot that captions my Instagram. (March 2016)
  3. A floater floating
    3D music visualiser (June 2015)
  4. Screenshot of the app
    Now Thats What I Call Y2K
    Projector installation and music visualiser (April 2015)
  5. Project Nimbus logo
    Project Nimbus
    Learning games teaching the basic skills of Adobe products. Currently shipping in Adobe Illustrator CC. (May 2013)
  6. Thumbnail image from application video
    Google Glass food recognition app
    Concept app video developed for my senior thesis at Santa Clara University (February 2013)